Communication strategist.
Freelance writer.
Creative director.



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You need a communication strategy that's creative and practical. That's grounded in behavioral communication science. A strategy that gets results. I have more than two decades of delivering communication strategies that work.



It all starts with the words. From executive speech writing to scripts to high-end presentations, I help you craft the best messages for your audience and deliver it crisply. In communications, it's about impact and memorability. You'll get that.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand words will never describe a picture. In this rapid information uptake environment, visual design is essential to drive home your messages with the most compelling graphics.

You need communication done right.


Why is it when you go to the movies that the really big event happens early, then you spend the rest of the movie unwinding what happened? Its' because that's how people remember. Don't bury the lede. Don't make them guess. Don't make them wait. Storytelling and truthtelling require you to be artful about how you tell the story. There's a technique. And that's what you'll get from Frank Communications LLC.